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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play sounds and record at the same time?
Yes. This is called overdubbing. You can do this by clicking the Record button on the toolbar. Then make sure to click the "Overdub" checkbox. Depending on the quality and age of your soundcard, you may need to check the "Use Rec Format" for better compatibility.

How do I cut, copy & paste partial sounds? (Watch video)
First, make sure that the sound is not highlighted initially. To do this, you must click under the sound (the white area of the screen) and drag your mouse to select the part you want to cut. Press "Ctrl+C" or select "Cut" from the "Edit" menu. To Paste the portion of a sound, press "Ctrl+V" or select "Paste" from the "Edit" menu.

How do I save as Realaudio(R) ?
You'll need to download and install the Realaudio(R) plugin for MP3 Audio Mixer from the download page.

I get pops & clicks when playing more than x tracks at a time.
The computer is having trouble keeping up with all the sounds that are being mixed. The solution is to click "Preferences" from the "File" menu, click the "Playback" tab and up the number of buffers and/or buffer size. Click "OK" to lock them in and see if the problem goes away.

I get pops & clicks when recording.
Make sure that you aren't using any other programs. Also, make sure that your virus checkers and other background programs are shut off. If that still doesn't help, try increasing the number of recording buffers and buffer size by clicking "Preferences" from the "File" menu, followed by clicking the "Recording" tab. Adjust the recording buffers and buffer size.

I get the error that "the Wave Input device cannot open" Huh?
The full error is "The Wave Input device cannot open. Another program may be using it. Close the other program and try again. If you have more than one soundcard, you may try an alternative device to record from in the 'Recording' tab of the Preference dialog."

If you get this, you may want to reinstall the sound-card drivers for your soundcard. You can usually find them at the soundcard's manufacturer's website.

I try to record with my microphone but no audio is recorded! How do I fix this?
This can easily be fixed within the Windows Mixer - Recording Control!

Open the "Recording Control" by clicking click the red "Record" button on the toolbar then click "Adjust Recording Levels..." This will bring up the Windows Mixer - Recording Control where the adjustments are made! Next, under "Microphone Balance" you have to make sure that the mute box is "checked" otherwise no audio will be recorded. If you do not see the "Microphone Balance" option, you will need to add it to the Windows Mixer. To do this, click "Options" > "Properties" and simply check the "Microphone" box.

Can I create any echo or "reverb" effects?
One way to create a "reverb" effect using MP3 Audio Mixer is to use the following trick:


  1. Load the sound.
  2. "Copy" the sound by right clicking and selecting 'Copy' from the menu (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C)
  3. "Paste" the sound directly under the original, but this time move the sound slightly to the right (so that the copy of the sound would start less than a second after the original)
  4. Select "Pan" from the drop down menu on the tool bar.
  5. Pan the original sound entirely to the "left" speaker.
  6. Pan the copied sound entirely to the "right" speaker.
  7. Listen to it and adjust as necessary by moving the copied sound more to the left or to the right.
Can I speed up or slow down sounds?
This is certainly possible through the drop down box on the tool bar (top right of the screen). The drop down box defaults to "Volume," so just click the drop down box and select "Rate." Next, just adjust the "pivot points" (the horizontal line that is on the sound file - the default is at 100%). Raising the pivot points will speed the sound up, lowering it will slow it down. Currently, when adjusting the rate, the pitch changes as well. In a future version, playback speed will have the ability to become "non-pitch shifting."


  1. Click on the sound you want to speed up or slow down.
  2. Select "Rate" from the drop down box on the tool bar.
  3. Raise the horizontal line on the sound to speed it up, lower it to slow it down.
How can I save my mix as one continuous mix but with CD track positions to burn on a CD? (Watch video)
You'll need to make sure that you create CD Markers at the positions that you want a new CD track to start. Right click on the timeline and select "Create Marker". Position it to your liking. Once you've added the markers, click "Save As A..." followed by clicking "Wave" file. Supply a name to save with. On the next screen, make sure that you have a sampling rate of 44,100 Hz, 16 bits and the stereo check box set. Make sure that the "Create a separate wav file for each CD track marker..." is set. Once it finishes saving, import the wav files into your CD burning software. Make sure to burn the disc in Disc-At-Once (DAO) and "Close the Session." Phew! :)

My RealAudio(R) files are sounding scratchy upon playback with the RealOne(R) player
There appears to be a problem/bug in the RealOne player where you hear distortion at random times in the song. (The key is that the scratches are not in the same spot.) The solution to this is to decrease the "Buffered Play" to 10 seconds or so.
  1. Launch RealOne player.
  2. Click on the >> 'chevron' and select "Tools"
  3. Click and expand "Connections" followed by clicking on "Playback Settings"
  4. Reduce "Buffered Play" to 10 seconds and click OK.

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